Lucky or Unlucky?

Lucky me: Found a small box
Unlucky me: Sprained my back picking it up
Lucky me: Its got a $30,000 Rolex
Unlucky me: Found it was stolen when I tried to sell it. Now I am the suspect.
Lucky me: I was able to prove my innocence.
Unlucky me: I wasted all that time and sprained my back in the process.
Lucky me: The owner sends me a $200 reward for finding it.
Unlucky me: The back doctor bill was $300
Lucky me: Media picks up the story and I am a local “hero”
Future: ??? good or bad… the story will continue…

Have a swell Thursday people!! And no, I did not find that watch… Just wrote up that story to illustrate a point. (The message in the story parallels a story I heard long ago. I forget what the original story was.)


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