Consciousness who has awoken within this random body

Just like you, I am a consciousness who has awoken within this random body. I have been lucky with what I got in terms of brains, health, abilities and circumstances. As for looks, I let you be the judge. :)

I feel too many people live in this matrix blinded by the delusions of politics, religion and corporate marketing…

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“Ignorance is bliss” – really?

“Ignorance is bliss” is the basis of too many belief systems. Beliefs make a claim and then ask followers to “believe it” because they say so.  While the good beliefs help via “visualize and actualize” practices and help invoke the placebo effect in people, the bad beliefs prevents knowledge discovery and advancement by providing and satisfying curious minds with an incorrect answer. Unfortunately, some beliefs even goes further and is the root cause of purporting evil against the non-believers.

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Belief impedes truth.

Belief does not require proof. Too many a times charismatic people, organizations and campaigns make you believe something that is not true. Example: Politics, Product Marketing (eg. Magnetic Bracelets, weight loss pills etc etc.) , Religion what have you.

My biggest problem with the perpetrators of belief is that they impede truth, and real growth or advancement of our understanding of the world.

Simply put, I think: “Belief impedes truth”.

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Is it wrong to hate reformed “bad people”

Its weird when a criminal, or person realizes their years of wrong doing. Now that they are reformed, and no longer that bad person, is our dislike towards them unjustified? Now that they see the light, and are “no longer that bad person”, does society or we then punish a now “good” person for their “previous life” where they were young and ignorant of their ways? I am talking about criminals, rude people etc etc.

I think its ok to be cautious of reformed bad people. Too many examples of tigers not changing their stripes. Its in their nature.

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Lucky or Unlucky?

Lucky me: Found a small box
Unlucky me: Sprained my back picking it up
Lucky me: Its got a $30,000 Rolex
Unlucky me: Found it was stolen when I tried to sell it. Now I am the suspect.
Lucky me: I was able to prove my innocence.
Unlucky me: I wasted all that time and sprained my back in the process.
Lucky me: The owner sends me a $200 reward for finding it.
Unlucky me: The back doctor bill was $300
Lucky me: Media picks up the story and I am a local “hero”
Future: ??? good or bad… the story will continue…

Have a swell Thursday people!! And no, I did not find that watch… Just wrote up that story to illustrate a point. (The message in the story parallels a story I heard long ago. I forget what the original story was.)

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